CBS is passionate about reducing the environmental impact and increasing the social impact of our television productions. Our TV sets have the opportunity to create green jobs in the local community, as well as give back through food and material donations. With the support of eco-champions on the cast & crew, CBS produces content that is green in front of and behind the camera.

CBS contributes to the Green Production Guide, a project of the Producer's Guild of America to provide open-source tools and resources for greener film shoots. CBS has earned five (5) Green Seal certifications, a recognition from the Environmental Media Association for environmentally-friendly sets.

CBS Green Production Program


The new fall show Evil is on-track to be green! The set has:

  • zero waste stations (with recycling, compost, and e-waste/battery collection)

  • electronic distribution of scripts and call sheets

  • biodegradable dishware at catering and craft services

  • hybrid vehicles for use by production crew

  • food pick-ups set-up to donate leftover food to filming locations (such as churches) or local non-profits

  • hired consultants and eco-PA from Earth Angel

Check out this Variety Climate Crisis article on how Michelle King, the co-creator of Evil, is committed to doing good! 

Madam Secretary

The set of Madam Secretary is dedicated to lowering its environmental footprint. With the help of eco-consultants Earth Angel, the set of Season 5 achieved:

  • on-set diversion rate of 78% by separating compost, recyclables, and cardboard from the waste stream

  • over 129,000 water bottles were eliminated from set

  • over 6,000 meals were donated from catering to local shelters and charities

  • environmental messaging in Episode 516 “The New Normal”: When a super typhoon threatens a small Pacific island, Elizabeth tries to relocate its population before the storm makes landfall. Also, Henry gives a speech to an evangelical group about climate change.

The Twilight Zone

The crew of The Twilight Zone is a great model for production sustainability on-set and community stewardship:

  • donated leftover catering to the local homeless when filming on-location in East Vancouver

  • raised $44,500 for the REEL Thanksgiving Challenge

  • new green tips included weekly on call sheets

  • utilized LED technology for set lighting and for video walls to film car driving scenes

  • connected to battery generators instead of diesel

  • re-designed and re-used props and FSC-certified sets for Season 2 as Easter eggs for fans of the series and to root each new episode in The Twilight Zone


The cast & crew of Charmed have taken waste reduction to another level in Season 2. The Container Club started by Eco-PA Powys Harrison-Jones to spotlight those who bring their own container for drinks and meals. This was embraced by lead actress Sarah Jeffery ("Maggie Vera"), who shared the green efforts to her 1.6M follower on Instagram. Charmed Season 2 has:

  • eliminated all single-use cups and bottles on-set entirely

  • switched catering utensils to bamboo and plates to paper, which are both accepted in Metro Vancouver composting bins

  • worked with Whites Ironwood Studios to install a dishwashing sink and EV chargers for plug-in hybrid production vehicles

  • so far the set has reduced daily landfill at crafty from 3 bags to 1

  • crafty also provides bulk snacks and condiments to reduce waste

  • raised over $12,700 for the REEL Thanksgiving Challenge


(above) Recycling & composting present on-screen in the kitchen at The Claw, where Nancy works.

Nancy Drew

The crew of the new CW drama Nancy Drew has been focused on sustainability from the beginning. The police station set was built for the pilot using the walls from The Twilight Zone library set, which had previously been the Oval Office in Salvation from 2017. Season 1 has implemented the following sustainability measures:

  • water-based smoke fluids instead of oil-based

  • multi-bin recycling and composting system to significantly reduce waste to landfill

  • digital distribution for scripts and call sheets, even main cast has opted out of paper copies

Love Island

The sizzling summer series Love Island was shot on the beautiful island of Fiji. Due to the limitations of filming in a remote area and the absence of municipal recycling on the island, the producers of Love Island set out to reduce waste on-set, particularly around plastics. This was seen on-set and on-screen as the cast was provided reusable bottles and bags to reduce plastic waste and provide environmental messaging to viewers.


SHOWTIME's Billions

With the help of eco-consultants Earth Angel, the set of SHOWTIME's Billions Season 3 achieved:

  • an diversion rate of 72% (increased from 67% for Season 2)

  • leftover catering food was donated to local NY food banks with the help of Rock & Wrap It Up!

  • remaining set materials were donated with the help of Art Cube

  • a reusable water bottle program was put in place to keep the set free of single-use plastic water bottles

  • rechargeable batteries were used on-set to reduce e-waste and save money after the second recharge

Photo credit (L): Earth Angel

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